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The most important thing in business is to have a good idea!

If you are just “copying from others”, customers will only think that you are Copy Cat, your products and services will be worthless, and you will compete with other copycats in the Red Sea for a long time at price.

Do you want to learn a way to consistently create “good idea” and stay ahead of other opponents for a long time?

Do you want your products and services to bring a good experience to customers and receive a lot of praise?

Do you want your team to be able to automatically identify problems and solve them effectively?

What is Design thinking?

You may often encounter this situation: when you see that other people’s products and services are popular in the market, you can’t wait to “bring in” the company, and even invest a lot of money, time, and manpower, and finally the entire project fails miserably?

Or, suddenly came up with a new idea, invested a lot of resources, opened a store and mass-produced, and finally realized that there was no market at all, wasting time and money?

Where did you go wrong?


Design Thinking is a set of thinking frameworks that can assist entrepreneurs to consistently and effectively generate products, services, and even business models that meet market needs. It is a kind of problem-solving ability, that is, the ability to solve the problems faced by customers, create solutions, meet the needs of the market, and finally make profits. Design thinking is advocated by Tim Brown, president of IDEO design company: “The human-centered design spirit and method consider human needs and behaviors, as well as technology or commercial feasibility.”

Design Thinking just for Product Design?

This is the wrong understanding of Design Thinking.

Apple founder Steve Jobs once pointed out the core of design thinking: “Many people seem to have a wrong understanding of design, thinking that design is equal to making products and works look good. In fact, it is not just a matter of look and feel, but how it works. ”

Therefore, learning design thinking is not only what designers and marketers have to do, but also the problem-solving thinking that the entire company team needs to learn. Colleagues from different departments participate in product development and come up with innovative ideas, so that new products can meet market needs for a long time.

Good Design is Good Business

How does Netflix use design thinking to connect customer needs, technology and business models to build a kingdom of rental movies?

The founder of Netflix was Reed Hastings, who rented video tapes in Blockbuster, a rental video store with many branches in the United States, but was fined by Blockbuster for returning the video tapes late. He deeply felt the anxiety of users about the late video tape, so he referred to the concept of a fitness center with a monthly fee and unlimited use, and founded Netflix in 1997. Users only need to pay a monthly fee and click on the webpage to watch it. Netflix will send the DVD to the user’s home, and as long as it is sent back after watching, it can be rented to watch another movie. It seems that with the maturity of online streaming technology, Netflix has become a platform for streaming movies and albums online.

But Netflix still didn’t stop. When more and more online platforms joined, Netflix used design thinking and realized that what customers were looking for were episodes with rich stories, so it began to produce its own shows and movies, and at the same time cooperate with other countries around the world. The creative production team signed the exclusive broadcast rights.

On the contrary, Blockbuster, a rental video kingdom that was very popular at the time, had already closed its doors in 2013 due to long-term neglect of the real pain points of customers, and not paying attention to the development of technology and changing its business model in a timely manner.

It is not necessarily an international enterprise that can use design thinking. When designing products and services, Hong Kong SMEs should also apply the design thinking model, so that the company can be closer to the needs of customers and bring long-term and stable income.

設計思維 5 階段思維模型

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Improving the design thinking ability of the team is an important key to the sustainable development of an enterprise!




Mary Suen is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the CHO Association. Mary has extensive experience in talent management; Mary was the Senior management SaSa, I.T and at Stan Group (Holdings) Limited.

Mary is passionate in applying design thinking methods to inspire personal and corporate innovations. She has completed various design-thinking related certification programmes, including

Luma Institute Certified Practitioner of Human-Centered Design

MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking

IDEO Foundation in Creative Leadership

Also, she has hosted “Let happiness goes into companies” design thinking workshop, helping companies to reach out innovative happiness solutions. In line with the people-oriented design spirit, caring about people’s needs to achieve the realization of technology and business solutions.

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