Advanced Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation for Corporate

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Advanced Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation for Corporate

Building a Advanced website development and SEO Team

Digital 2021 Global Overview Report: The global Internet users population has reached 4.66 billion with average daily usage amounted to nearly 7 hours.

Why need this technology

Corporate website is everwhere.

A professional corporate website is a must for online marketing. 70% of customers visit the company’s webpage before they decide to purchase. Thereby, a well- developed corporate website will definitely impress customers with good user experience. Meanwhile, corporate can enjoy sales increase and higher brand visibility via organic traffic growth after conducting Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

Nowadays, many corporates in Hong Kong still rely on traditional marketing strategies. Our program is designed to break this tradition and assist corporates to digitally upskill their talents. Their staff will get a more comprehensive understanding about the internet which fundamentally supports them to learn the ever-changing information technology

Pain Points We Solved

Most Hong Kong companies face loads of challenges and problems when they develop their corporate website and go online. Demands for technical support regarding page view and website such as website management, website information update and maintenance and cyber security etc. are increasing. Besides, many companies have limited knowledge about SEO and are unaware about its effectiveness.

This advanced website development and SEO program tackles such problem through teaching students to build website with CMS and update website etc. Students will learn latest information technology and management knowledge as well as the concept of information retrieval system. This equips them to implement corporate’s online marketing activities. Also, they will learn how to optimize the corporate website in order to rank higher in google search and boost sales.

Programme Highlights

This program is instructed by experienced website development and SEO expert. Instructor teaches students how to develop corporate website, including content management systems, responsive web design, cyber security, anti-virus, data encryption and backup strategies and server settings etc. Students will be able to build their own corporate website with multi-features and kick-start their online business.

Another learning area is the principles of information systems. Students will learn to tick the checkbox of those popular search engines when doing optimization. They will also learn advanced techniques like Information retrieval system, Schema Data, Predictive Search and Natural Language Processing etc.
After the training, students understand how network operates and are able to optimize company’s website to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results.

Tech on Fire Testimonial

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Module 1: Corporate Website Development

Learning hours: 3 lessons, 9 hours in total
This module teaches students to use the content management system to build a corporate website at professional standard. Students master the website development skills which allows them to conduct future online marketing activities. The program also teaches advanced Internet knowledge, including domain name, cloud server management, website security, backup strategy, anti-virus, and hacking prevention. In addition, this module teaches students how to adjust the server and website in order to greatly improve the website performance as well as user experience.
Module content:
• Domain, IP and DNS
• Server-Client Model
• Cybersecurity
• Website security audit
• Setup cloud based web service
• Backup Strategy
• Anti-malware strategy and protection
• Anti-hacking protection
• Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
• Content Management System
• Responsive Web Design
• Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
• Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Module 2: Information system and search engine optimization

Learning hours: 3 lessons, 9 hours in total
This module discusses Information System and Information Retrieval System so that students learn the latest advanced information management concepts, including Semantic Web Technology, TF/IDF, Natural Language Processing, and Latent semantic indexing. The instructor will elaborate on how these theories and techniques can handle tons of website information.
The instructor teaches how to improve ranking on search engines by means of SEO techniques including keyword research, content writing, reverse link, Page Rank, etc.
The program analyzes local and foreign SEO successful cases. Meanwhile, the instructor will teach students how to conduct SEO audit to find out negative factors affecting rankings and make corresponding amendments in order to improve corporate’s online performance.
Module content:
• Modern Search Engine Architecture
• Search Engine Optimisation
• On Page SEO and Off Page SEO
• Semantic Web Technology
• Natural Languages ​​Processing
• Latent Semantic Indexing
• How to perform a comprehensive SEO Audit
• Case Study
After training, students will have a deep understanding about the latest information technology system. They can optimize their  own corporate website to achieve the best online sales performance.


Advanced Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation for Corporate

About us page

Students successfully developed their corporate website using the newest website editor (about us page)

Advanced Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation for Corporate

The first page of Google

Students rank on the first page of Google with an endless stream of customer inquiries.

” I was stressed and worried about getting in touch with web design and SEO at the very beginning as I had no much idea about it. Luckily, the way they taught is easy to follow and help me understand how the backend operations. I can now manage and update my own company website and is confident in writing SEO articles about beauty!”

Miss JJ
Founder of an eCommerce Platform

Our Instructors

With more than 10 years of experience working for website management and design, our instructor is very competent in webpage development and is proficient in principles and concepts of SEO search engine optimization.

He achieves loads of SEO successful cases, helping number of corporates to improve their online sales. Corporates he served include SMEs, sizeable online shops as well as government departments. For the program curriculum, the instructor will continuously improve and customize program content to cater to corporate needs in order to ensure students can quickly master information technology and help companies operate more efficiently. Moreover, instructor will highlight the strengths of some real life successful cases so that students can learn and take as referenc.

Ivan So

Our Instructors
SEO Expert

A real case study: The click-through rate of the company website increased by 50% and ranked on the first page of Google!

Established in 2007, the printing company started to go digital transformation three years ago, hoping each employee can go online. Its business development department once hired a website production company to assist in web design and daily website operation. However, they ended the cooperation after viewing repeated communication problems. After that, they consulted SEO agency and joined its half year package, aiming at improving company’s ranking on Google. However, the result was unsatisfactory and the hit of pandemic worsened the case.

In view of this, the printing company assigned most of their staff to take this training program (7 staff including the management). After the training, the company successfully improved their website management and reduced their promotional cost. Their staff are now able to update and maintain the corporate website. They even build a team specializing in website and assign several SEO staff to regularly publish articles and adjust website content based on what they learn in the training to meet Google requirement. In just a few months, the company’s page view had increased by 50%, and their website ranked on the first page in Google within 5 months!


Course NameAdvanced Website Development & Search Engine Optimisation for Corporate
Course CodeWSEO
Course Duration18 hours
Learning ModeFace to Face
Class Size10
Medium of InstructionCantonese with English Terms
FundingThis course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy


Can I enrol if I don’t have company relevant knowledge nor company website?p?

Yes, this program teaches from basic to higher level and the content is easy to follow. With numbers of case studies and demonstration, we  ensure students can apply the skills learnt and operate their own company website.

Why should my company learn SEO?

Nowadays, the global Internet users population has reached 4.66 billion. Knowing the algorithms and methodology of search engines can optimize your company’s website and improve its ranking on the search page (SERP)! If such a large customer base can see your website, it will definitely enhance your competitiveness. That’s why you must learn SEO skills!

What is the qualifications of the instructor?

Our tutors are well-equipped with academic qualifications and industry work experience. In addition to his rich teaching experience, he also works in large online platforms or advertising companies. They are willing to share precious experiences with students and guide them to use social media for marketing!

Will tuition be subsidized?

Yes, this course has been included in the RTTP program, and students who enroll in the name of a company can receive funding up to 2/3 of the tuition fee.

In what format is the course taught

This course is taught face-to-face, with internships, in-class works, instructors’ corrections and suggestions, and group discussions. If students need it, they can also choose to teach online.

Do I need to have good computer and Internet skills to take this course?

Basic knowledge of computer operations is sufficient.