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Certificate in Interactive Learning Platform Development

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Why need this technology

Technology such as interactive blackboards used to be teaching aids in the classroom, but in recent years it has become the primary mean of connecting students with their teachers for lessons during social distancing, providing self-learning materials to students, and encouraging involvement by enhancing interaction.   According to Global Market Insights, as of 2020, the e-learning market was at US$250 billion with an anticipated growth of over 21% from 2021 to 2027.   Schools and businesses alike are adopting online learning tools for improving engagement and learning experience.  The good news is that there are numerous options of online platforms and tools for creating interactive distance learning and online lesson plans for nearly any subject.

Interactivity, whether it be between peers or between the teacher and students, is crucial to make the learning process more engaging.  However, crafting a lesson plan for online lessons and taking full advantage of interactive tools such as games and videos can be daunting.  This course can bridge the gap between educators’ comfort zone and the current e-learning trend by providing guidance and hands-on experience on the use of interactive platforms, planning lessons, filming and broadcasting videos and live streaming.

Pain Points We Solved

Educators have been required to make this change from traditional classrooms to online classrooms in a whirlwind in the past years and it had been, for some, a hit-or-miss situation in implementation.  Given the technology advancement and the vast application and popularity of e-learning, t is definite that online teaching and learning is going to stay and be further developed in the future. 

In this light, it is essential for current and future educators to equip themselves with the skills to conduct effective and interactive lessons online.  Through this program, education institutions and their personnel can learn to use and develop interactive learning platforms targeted at their specific preferences and needs.  While it may be great to have a standardized platform for all to use, it may not be able to cater for differences amongst subjects, teaching style, student preferences or difficulty levels.  Acquiring the skills to design your own online teaching content, filming videos for education purpose, live streaming lessons and establishing online teaching platforms with interactive elements could cater for all your specific needs.

Programme Highlights

This program is designed for traditional education centers, tutorial schools and tutors. It teaches learners how to design and produce interactive online courses, establish an online teaching platform, and conduct lives streaming.  After taking this course, learners will be able to conduct online teaching with no geographical or time constraints, allowing their students to learn according to their own progress. Education institutions can enhance cost efficiency and learning effectiveness through this digital transformation.

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Tech on Fire Testimonial

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Module 1: Online lesson planning and live streaming

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

This module teaches learners to design online teaching content, and to use the latest streaming technology to conduct online teaching broadcast and video recording. Lesson covers monitoring the quality of live streaming, picture control, effective interaction with students online, etc.

Module content
• Points to note when designing online courses
• Procedures of hosting online courses
• Introduce the equipment and techniques used for live streaming
• Understanding and operating streaming platforms
• Adding augmented reality (AR) elements to the live broadcast
• Scene transition
• Using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for live streaming and video recording
• Analyze live streaming data and monitor its quality

Practice: To conduct a 30-minute high-quality and interactive teaching live broadcast and video recording using streaming technology

Module 2: Production of videos for education purpose

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

This module teaches learners to edit and dub videos for education purpose, add subtitles and other supplementary materials into the videos in order to enhance the content, etc. Learners will learn about the video format, resolution, cloud storage and other relevant knowledge.

Module content
• Using video editing software
• Common editing techniques
• Adding photos, soundtracks and subtitles
• Adding other images

Practice: To produce a well-structured video with content on the learning objectives, teaching content, learning summary and students’ feedback of a specified topic.

Module 3: Establishing an interactive teaching platform

Learning hours: 2 lessons, 6 hours in total

This module teaches learners to apply the Lesson Management System software in establishing an interactive teaching platform. In addition to uploading videos on to the platform for viewing, learners can also add interactive elements including questions, fill-in-the-blanks exercises, drag-and-drop pictures, scene interaction, etc., to enhance the interest of learning. This module also teaches learners to effectively manage their classes, including membership functions and academic records management.

Module content
• Using the Lesson Management System software
• Utilizing cloud website hosting
• What is HTML 5?
• Adding interactive elements
• Adding online assessment
• Establishing discussion forums
• Setting up membership functions
• Setting up subscription and charging functions
• Using anti-theft settings on videos

Practice: Under the guidance of the instructor, learners will develop a well-structured and interactive online teaching lesson, including interactive videos, questions, supplementary materials, assessments, etc.


Interactive Learning Video

Learners can enhance student’s interest and improve learning efficiency by producing interactive teaching videos through shooting, editing, adding question and answer sections and different scenarios to the videos etc.

E-learning Platform

Learners are able to develop their own online interactive teaching platform to manage classes and students as well as assessment records and to arrange live streaming on their own to interact with students

“I am the owner of a tutorial centre. In the past, we only offered face-to-face lessons and the number of students we can have during peak after-school hours was limited by the size of our centre. We realized this limited our clientele and was not the best use of our resources. After taking the course and learning to set up our own online teaching platform, students can flexibly opt to participate in our tutorials at home and more students can use our service. We are happy to say that business has gone up by 30%!”

Josephine Fong
Tutorial Centre Owner

Our Instructors

Our Instructors have been working in e-learning industry for years with a wealth of teaching experience. They compile the program curriculum and customize the scope and content of the program to cater for different corporate needs, target to technologically upskill corporate staff and improve operation efficiency in a short term. In addition to newest information technology sharing, instructors will also study real life case with students.

Case Study
Using online platforms for teaching: motivates students, generates income

How does the use of interactive learning platform benefit all parties?

Before taking this course, a private instructor who taught Putonghua to children conducted lessons in-person only. The cost and time for commuting to and fro students’ home was significant. Being aware that students are now accustomed to e-learning via online platforms, the instructor decided to develop her own online interactive learning platform, filmed and shared videos to her students, conducted classes by live streaming and provided timely feedback to students’ enquiries online. The instructor has time to teach more students and generate more income without leaving the comfort of her home. Meanwhile, her students were willing to try out different interactive games to learn Putonghua and could go through recordings of the lesson at their own pace. A win-win situation beneficial to both the instructor and students was achieved!


Course NameCertificate in Interactive Learning Platform Development
Course NameILP
Course Duration12 hours
Learning ModeFace to Face
Class Size10
Medium of InstructionCantonese with English Terms
FundingThis course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy
CertificatesYou can receive the following certificates by completing this course
Tech on Fire Certificate
Digital Transformation Certificate issued by a local university *
Completion Criteria70% attendance rate of our course
You can have the Digital Transformation Certificate by attending the Digital Transformation Workshop held by a local university quarterly. *


I have no relevant experience in online teaching or live streaming. Can I take this course?

Of course! This course is designed for beginners with little or no relevant knowledge. You will learn to effectively use live streaming platforms and learning management systems within a short and cost-effective duration and apply this new knowledge in the future for teaching.

Could the essential content be learned within the 12-hour duration of the course?

Our learning centre and instructors have years of experience in teaching learners to establish their own online teaching platforms. We are confident that we can pass on the key to success to you within the duration of the course. Moreover, we can provide after-class technical support and guidance if required.

Is it difficult to master the use of interactive learning platform online?

It could be challenging to explore all the options on your own. By taking this course, you will be introduced to easy-to-use systems and tools, guided step-by-step by the instructor on how to use the basic and essential functions and be given hand-on opportunities to become accustomed to developing and managing the platform on your own.

What is the qualifications of the instructor?

Our tutors are well-equipped with academic qualifications and industry work experience. In addition to his rich teaching experience, he also works in large online platforms or advertising companies. They are willing to share precious experiences with students and guide them to use video for marketing!

Will tuition be subsidized?

Yes, this course has been included in the RTTP program, and students who enroll in the name of a company can receive funding up to 2/3 of the tuition fee.

In what format is the course taught

This course is taught face-to-face, with internships, in-class works, instructors’ corrections and suggestions, and group discussions. If students need it, they can also choose to teach online.

Do I need to have good computer and Internet skills to take this course?

Basic knowledge of computer operations is sufficient.