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Data-Driven and Automation for Growth Marketer

Building a Digital Marketing & Automation Program Team

Dropbox uses Growth Hacking technology to increase the number of customers 40 times from 100,000-that is, 4 million!

Why need this technology

Growth Hacking is everwhere.

Do you want your company to grow rapidly? Data driven marketing and marketing automation are absolutely necessary technologies for rapid business development. Traditional online marketing and promotion often focus on the advertising investment of major media, only considering that attracting customers to the company’s website is the ultimate goal of campaign.

However, whether the customer can bring you business and recommendations after the visit is ignored by traditional online marketing strategies. If we improve the design of the website and enhance the user experience, and increase the conversion rate, we can use less advertising budget and achieve greater benefits. At the same time, the use of marketing automation technology can more effectively integrate multi-channel marketing tools to automate repetitive tasks. Then, marketing software will store and execute a series of automated promotion tasks, thereby improving efficiency and reducing human errors.

Pain Points We Solved

It is believed that most companies have encountered bottlenecks in their marketing campaign and their business has stagnated. This Data-driven and Marketing Automation course helps companies break through the dilemma of marketing and operations.

The course will teach you how to generate more customer lists, increase conversion rates, attract customers to visit again, and thereby reduce promotional expenses. At the same time, it teaches the participants the latest marketing concepts − AARRR online marketing theory proposed by Growth Marketing, which assists the digital transformation of enterprises and implements marketing automation as the main purpose.

Programme Highlights

This course takes the AARRR online marketing model promoted by Growth Marketing as the core concept, replacing the traditional Sales Funnel model, and explains how to use various digital marketing tools to increase conversion rates and reduce losses.

In the course, participants can operate different digital marketing tools, interpret marketing data from different sources, and formulate future marketing strategies with the assistance of the instructor. After completing the course, students will understand the operation of different digital marketing tools and understand how to use data and automation to improve their company’s business efficiency. This course is composed of 3 modules, with both theory and practice. The teaching mode of the course is mainly face-to-face taught by instructors with online technical assistance. There are also real-time practical exercises in the class to ensure that participants can master the knowledge and technology of data-driven and marketing automation!

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Module 1: Introduction to Data Driven and Marketing Automation

Learning hours: 2 lessons, 6 hours in total
This module assists companies in transforming to data-driven, with implementation of marketing automation as the main purpose. The instructor will introduce the theories and digital marketing tools needed to achieve “Growth Marketing” and how to use data to discover market needs. The course teaches students how to improve the traditional marketing funnel, apply the AARRR sales model, the latest Growth Hacking development strategy and data-driven marketing decision-making methods. Students will learn about several important digital marketing and automation tools, including Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Content Creation (Digital Content Creation), A/B Testing, User Boarding and so on.
Module content:
• Traditional marketing VS growth marketing?
• AARRR model
• Data Driven Decision Making
• Marketing Automation
• Growth Hacking
• Optimize Landing Page
• Optimize User Onboarding
• Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Digital Content Creation
• A/B Testing
• Discussion: How to implement data orientation?
• Discussion: What are the latest digital marketing and automation tools?
After completing this module, students will have a deep understanding of data-oriented marketing and automation, as well as the latest digital marketing tools.

Module 2: Data collection, analysis and conversion rate improvement

Learning hours: 2 lessons, 6 hours in total

This module teaches students to use data to determine future marketing strategies, analyze data to make improvements, and then improve the company’s overall revenue. The course including the interpretation of CTR, Bounce Rate, User Flow, CPC, and Conversion. Students will master the technology of how to accurately collect visitor browsing data, and analyze the potential needs of customers with Heatmap and images. Our instructor will teach how to create a Landing Page with high conversion rate, improve User Onboarding and conduct A/B Testing. After this module, students can master the ability to analyze marketing data, understand the meaning of different data, and can independently improve the digital marketing process to bring more revenue to the company.

Module content:
• Use data analysis to improve the company’s Activation and Revenue
• Learn the most used metrics in digital marketing
• Data Mining
• Heatmap
• User Onboarding
• Internship in A/B Testing and other optimization software
• Gamification
• Web analytics technology
• Case Study

After completing this module, the students will have a better understanding of how to collect and analyze data and increase the conversion rate. They can plan their own online promotion activities that can improve the effectiveness of the company’s marketing activities.

Module 3: Marketing Automation System

Lesson hours: 2 lessons, 6 hours in total

This module teaches how to use Marketing Automation to reduce the loss of customers and maintain long-term and stable growth for the company. Marketing automation is a technology that can automatically manage digital marketing activities for marketing personnel. It can greatly reduce human resource costs and increase efficiency. In this course, you will learn how to automatically send emails to potential customers, display web content according to their preferences, and expose on social media to maintain communication with customers. The instructor will introduce a variety of popular marketing automation systems, including instant messaging software (WhatsApp), customer management system (CRM), Remarketing, Chatbot, API integration, etc. At the same time, the instructor will explain to the trainees cases of using this technology in different industries. Participants will have a deeper understanding of marketing automation technology after the course. At the same time, the course focuses on internships. Under the guidance of the instructor, the trainees will personally plan and operate the marketing automation system to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing work.

Module content:
• Marketing Automation for Customer Retention
• Marketing Automation for Referral Marketing
• Chatbot, AI Bot
• Remarketing technique and concept of collaborative filtering
• Use of automation in instant messenger, Whatsapp
• API Integration
• Customer Relationship Management System
• Case Study

At the end of this unit, students will be able to understand the benefits and benefits of marketing automation to enterprises. Students can practically apply marketing automation in their daily operations.


Data-Driven and Automation for Growth Marketer

Heatmap and images

Students learn to use Heatmap and images to analyze the potential needs of customers.

Data-Driven and Automation for Growth Marketer

Landing Pages

Students can make Landing Pages with high conversion rate by themselves.

“We design and manage websites for our clients. At the same time I need to process various information and data. In order to learn how to analyze the collected data and how to convert it into feasible strategies, I enrolled in this course. Instructors provided us many valuable suggestions and effective tools so that we can effectively formulate appropriate marketing strategies and techniques for the company. The A/B Testing methods shared by the instructor and some practical marketing techniques are great!

Design, website and digital solution

Our Instructors

Philip Chau currently heads up the group marketing function at Great Eagle Holdings. He leads the strategy in marketing innovation, digital marketing, and MarTech across a range of business units such as hotels, residential properties, co-working spaces, shopping malls, and more. He has 15 years’ experience in digital innovation, performance marketing, and advanced analytics, having worked in corporate, agency and start up environments.

Prior to Great Eagle, Philip worked at insurance company Aviva and was a founding member of the InsurTech business Blue. As digital marketing department head, he oversaw the company’s customer acquisition, digital journey and digital analytics functions.

Philip holds a Master degree in Management Science from University of Waterloo and a post graduate Certificate in Marketing from University of Toronto.

Philip Chau
Our Instructors
Director of Strategic Marketing
Great Eagle Holdings

A real case of Korean clothing online shop: The number of new members soared by 50%.

The Korean clothing company was founded in 2017 and mainly sells Korean fashion and women’s daily necessities in Hong Kong. About a year ago, the company experienced a business operation crisis: sales channels and advertising conversion rates were deteriorating, and marketing staff did not know how to continue to improve the marketing brand. In addition, there were more competitors in the market.  Sales fell by nearly 30% last year.

The company finally sent two marketing employees to enroll in this course, through the marketing automation technology and case sharing taught by the instructor. The trainees applied the AARRR theory to improve the user interface of the online store by analyzing user data. Three months later, nearly 1,000 new members were added.


Course NameData-Driven and Automation for Growth Marketer
Course CodeDDA
Course Duration18 hours
Learning ModeFace to Face / Online
Class Size10
Medium of InstructionCantonese with English Terms
FundingThis course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy


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What is the difference between Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing?

Both are mainly carried out on the Internet, interacting with target consumers through the explosion of digital networks. The difference is that Growth Marketing pays more attention to the business growth of the enterprise and produces a more efficient marketing strategy. If you want to know more, you can sign up for this course to communicate with our instructors.

Why should my company learn Growth Marketing?

This is a set of emerging marketing technologies and concepts in Silicon Valley, pursuing continuous establishment, testing, and optimization, and focusing on technology-based operational growth. World-renowned companies such as Facebook, Dropbox and Hotmail all adopt the relevant technologies and operating models taught in this course.

What is the qualifications of the instructor?

Our tutors are well-equipped with academic qualifications and industry work experience. In addition to his rich teaching experience, he also works in large online platforms or advertising companies. They are willing to share precious experiences with students and guide them to use social media for marketing!

Will tuition be subsidized?

Yes, this course has been included in the RTTP program, and students who enroll in the name of a company can receive funding up to 2/3 of the tuition fee.

In what format is the course taught

This course is taught face-to-face, with internships, in-class works, instructors’ corrections and suggestions, and group discussions. If students need it, they can also choose to teach online.

Do I need to have good computer and Internet skills to take this course?

Basic knowledge of computer operations is sufficient.