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Design Thinking course

Tech On Fire

Workshop on Digital Transformation for SMEs

Design Thinking Workshop

9 Jun, 2022
Thur, 9:30 – 12:30, 14:00 – 17:00 (6 hours)

This course has been approved by RTTP scheme

Original Tuition Fee $6,000
After RTTP subsidy $2,000 $2,000

Common dilemmas faced by business executives..

The most important thing in busThe team is afraid of innovation and dare not innovate

Your team lacks crisis awareness and solutions

It’s easy for teams to lose sight of their original intentions because of differences of opinion

There are frequent disagreements between departments, and it is difficult to reach a consensus after spending time discussing

In emergencies, leaders fail to address everyone’s frustration and confusion

When faced with a new concept…

Design thinking is not adopted, it is easy to disagree, and the goal cannot be achieved in the end

Decisions ─ Wrong Timing

Using design thinking, with different perspectives but the same intent, can quickly find solutions

Decision ─ Hope Principle

Let the whole team enhance the core competitiveness

What is Design thinking?

You may often encounter this situation: when you see that other people’s products and services are popular in the market, you can’t wait to “bring in” the company, and even invest a lot of money, time, and manpower, and finally the entire project fails miserably?

Or, suddenly came up with a new idea, invested a lot of resources, opened a store and mass-produced, and finally realized that there was no market at all, wasting time and money?

Where did you go wrong?

This is because you did not take into account the real needs of the customer, the technological capabilities of your own company, and the commercial viability in detail.

Design Thinking is…

design thinking course

Thinking Frameworks

To assist entrepreneurs to consistently and effectively generate products, services, and even business models that meet market needs

Design thinking course

Problem-solving Ability

To solve the problems faced by customers, create solutions, meet the needs of the market, and finally make profits.

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Design Thinking just for Product Design?

This is the wrong understanding of Design Thinking.

Learning design thinking is not only what designers and marketers have to do, but also the problem-solving thinking that the entire company team needs to learn. Colleagues from different departments participate in product development and come up with innovative ideas, so that new products can meet market needs for a long time.

digital marketing RTTP

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Module 1: How can SMEs implement digital transformation?

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 7 hours in total

In order to maintain competitiveness in the business market, companies must develop a digital transformation strategic plan. This course will introduce companies to digital transformation and design thinking, allowing them to inject innovation into traditional industries and enhance their companies’ overall efficiency.

Module content:
Digital transformation theory and practice
• What is Digital Transformation?
• Theory and framework of digital transformation
• The current trend and environment
• Digital technology for SMEs
• How can digital transformation improve corporate competitiveness?
• Digital transformation methods and tools for SMEs

Design Thinking
• 5 stages of design thinking: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test
• Human•centred, continuous improvement: moving towards digital transformation

Business Model Canvas
• 4 core areas, 9 components: business model design and expression
• Tools for testing new digital marketing strategies effectively
• Market research, data analysis

Ways to Success: Case Sharing
• Operational excellence: Transforming the company together
• Win•win situation: streamline processes, reduce costs, and create business opportunities


Design Thinking course in hong kong

Understanding Design Thinking

Understand how design thinking can help companies implement digital transformation

Design Thinking course in hong kong

Evaluating your business models

Select and use low-cost digital tools to evaluate business models

Design Thinking in Action

Level up design thinking of your team

It Is an important key to the sustainable development of an enterprise!

RTTP subsidy course

Experienced Design Thinking Instructor

Leading students to use design thinking to understand customer pain points, and then come up with solutions

Design thinking course rttp

RTTP Government Funding Subsidy

This course is approved by RTTP Reindustrialization 4.0 Program with 2/3 fee subsidy

學員正參加Design thinking工作坊課程
學員正參加Design thinking工作坊課程
學員正參加Design thinking工作坊課程
學員正參加Design thinking工作坊課程
學員正參加Design thinking工作坊課程

Our Instructors

Mary Suen is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the CHO Association. Mary has extensive experience in talent management; Mary was the Senior management SaSa, I.T and at Stan Group (Holdings) Limited.

Mary is passionate in applying design thinking methods to inspire personal and corporate innovations. She has completed various design-thinking related certification programmes, including
Luma Institute Certified Practitioner of Human-Centered Design

MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking

IDEO Foundation in Creative Leadership

Also, she has hosted “Let happiness goes into companies” design thinking workshop, helping companies to reach out innovative happiness solutions. In line with the people-oriented design spirit, caring about people’s needs to achieve the realization of technology and business solutions.

Mary Suen

Our Instructors

Case Study

Good Design is Good Business


How does Netflix use design thinking to connect customer needs, technology and business models to build a kingdom of rental movies?


Course NameWorkshop on Digital Transformation for SMEs
Course CodeSME
Course Duration7 hours
Learning ModeFace to Face
Class Size10
Tuition FeeOriginal Tuition Fee $6,000
After RTTP subsidy $2,000
Medium of InstructionCantonese with English Terms
FundingThis course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy
CertificatesYou can receive the following certificates by completing this course
Tech on Fire Certificate
Digital Transformation Certificate issued by a local university *
Completion Criteria 70% attendance rate of our course
You can have the Digital Transformation Certificate by attending the Digital Transformation Workshop held by a local university quarterly. *

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