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Digital Personal Branding Marketing

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Programme Highlights
Hands-on Digital Personal Branding Marketing
Extend your network, trigger consumption, and maximize income

Is your company facing digital marketing challenges?


If you only upload official content without authentic elements and is not able to explore new markets with Instagram…


If the social media content is dull and unable to obtain sufficient reach for interactive communication with clients…


If there are no tools to collect and analyze data to keep up with the trend and respond to current market needs…


If it’s hard to attract clients’ attention with only graphics and words, yet too expensive to film videos…


If the contents are too haphazard, which fails to deliver the personal branding and professional image with precise information, and hard to extend networks

12 hours to be proficient with micro-KOL marketing strategies, hands-on practice on social media to digitalize personal branding, enhance reach rate, interaction, and sales income.

Programme Highlights


Boost your reach with latest technology

Create an Instagram business account and set up Linktree, build content with the latest technology such as AR for stories and mini-games, boost reach and engagement rate, and improve brand loyalty.


Micro-KOL Marketing to Maximize Income

Social media experts will join and teach how to collect, monitor, and analyze the big data in the backend of social media. You would understand the actual needs of your clients in the targeted business area and develop the best marketing strategies. You can also create personal branding content with a high conversion and engagement rate, enhance brand loyalty and trigger clients to complete the transactions.


Personal Branding for Better Brand Identity

Build your professional personal image with precise text and shorts, share insights and information on the trending social media could increase followers and loyal customers on Instagram and expand the social networks. It helps boosting traffic and impressing the clients with brand identity.


Produce professional promotional videos as the first step

There is a professional team to direct on-site for your 1 min promotional video during our hands-on shooting experience. From writing storyboards, using professional equipment including light and sound, acting practices to post-production skills. You will be able to create a professional promotional video to upload to your page.

  1. Build Digital Personal Branding
  2. Create promotional contents for new media
  3. Boost engagement and reach
  4. Reach more target groups
  5. Maximize corporate income


“Working in sales for over ten years, we rely on shops and referrals. It is passive for us to operate Instagram and explore new clients. We decided to step out of our comfort zone and try social media to build a personal branding page. The cost is so low! The tutor taught us to build connections and analyze data to understand clients' needs, tailor content to share insights, expand clients' sources and boost sales!”


Product Sales Manager

“It's a headache for us to operate Instagram! We must keep uploading official product photos, yet everyone is doing the same! We created our first video after this course and it’s not difficult. The videos bring more insights and product usages to customers. We have more new followers and increased sales!”


Cosmetics Sales Manager

Benefits of creating micro-KOL personal branding


1. Immediate Income Growth

Building the micro-KOL personal brand successfully, operating Instagram promotional content continuously to reach more target groups and grow corporates' sales income.


2. A Strong Foundation for Execution

With analytic tools to collect big data from a targeted area, it can develop promotional strategies for personal social media branding for content marketing. Increasing reach, conversion, and engagement rate, building community, and enhancing brand identity can convert to corporate income.


3. Marketing Mindset for Enhancing Corporate Income with Personal Branding

Micro-KOL personal branding does not simply create a professional image, it is also a low-cost high-return marketing strategy. Enhance brand identity and sales revenue directly!

  1. Create Instagram business account and set up Linktree
  2. Use Google Analytics to analyze social platforms data
  3. Develop high return digital promotional plan
  4. Manage corporates’ micro-KOL and social media
  5. Hands-on copywriting, videos, and story production
  6. Build professional personal image, expand networks, and increase revenue


Module 1

New Trends in Social Media: New Technologies for Influencer Marketing

The emerging online social media is full of variety. How can companies choose a platform suitable for their business purposes for micro-influencer marketing? How to use new technology on social media to attract audience and increase interaction? This unit will introduce related technologies, including Augmented Reality (AR), by explaining the different commercial applications of some popular social media platforms. Students will set up and use Instagram business accounts in the classroom, create time-limited animations and mini-games using AR, and take the first step for the company to develop the online market.

Module content:
  • What is digital personal branding?
  • The difference between digital personal branding and traditional digital marketing tools
  • Popular social media platforms in Hong Kong
  • Understand the development and application of AR
  • AR for digital personal branding marketing

Classroom assignments: Set up a social media business account, write a resume and set up a linktree, use AR filters to share time-limited updates and create AR interactive mini-games.

Module 2

Micro-influencer Marketing Strategies and Analysis Tools

Can online social media platforms really help to develop new markets and increase corporate revenue? How to understand influencer marketing effectiveness and improve strategy by data? In this unit, social media experts will personally explain the work and benefits of business operations. In addition, the instructor will teach the use of Google Analytics (GA) to monitor, collect and analyze data from social platforms. Students can master online content writing and the use of GA through classroom assignments, and then students can apply to their own platforms and return to the company to share what they have learned with their peers.

Module content:
  • Why is data analysis important?
  • How does GA work?
  • Basic GA settings, link to social platforms
  • Data collection and processing
  • Analysis tools and techniques
  • Various reports provided by GA

Class assignment: Set up a GA account, familiarize yourself with the different interfaces, set up dashboards and shortcuts, and practice using GA

  • Plan and write high-converting promotional content
  • Personal digital branding and network relationship management
  • How to turn viewers into customers and close deals?
  • How to establish and manage micro-influencers within the enterprise
  • Effectively manage online communities and increase brand loyalty

Class assignment: Writing content to promote a product.

Module 3

Production of industry-related online promotional videos

There is a lot of information on social media. If you want to stand out from the crowd, in addition to photos and text, you should also use promotional videos to attract customers to browse. This unit will give a brief introduction to filming a short film, and let the students experience the process and learn the required techniques through the class exercise of making a 1-minute short film! It will definitely save the publicity cost for the enterprise and bring long-term benefits!

Module content:
  • Write industry-relevant video content and storyboards
  • Familiar with using equipment, setting lighting and radio
  • Practice facial expressions and body language
  • Shooting methods and techniques
  • Introduction to clipping and post-production tools
  • Perform clip editing and post-production
  • Photo capture for Instagram or other social media

Classwork assignment: According to the topic provided by the instructor, the student prepares the script and shoots and edits a 1-minute short video on the spot

Module 4

Classwork assignment: According to the topic provided by the instructor, the student prepares the script and shoots and edits a 1-minute short video on the spot

LinkedIn is an online platform for the professional community, designed to allow users to find jobs, connect and strengthen professional relationships, learn skills, and more. This platform allows users to build a reliable professional image, which can help attract new customers. This module will explain the usefulness of LinkedIn. Students can set up an account in class, analyze the effectiveness of interaction, learn to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve content and build a professional brand.

Module content:
  • Purpose of LinkedIn
  • Benefits of SEO for business LinkedIn pages
  • How to plan and write profile content using keywords
  • Analyze online social activity and contact data to understand engagement effectiveness
  • Understand LinkedIn’s culture and communication methods
  • Set up logo and header images to build your brands

Class assignments: Open a LinkedIn account, write SEO-compliant profile content, photograph and set header images


Taught by a team of industry experts


Star Tutor

As a full-time travel show host, Jerry.C is active in major TV and radio channels, and is also a training instructor for young entrepreneurs and corporate personal images. He now owns several businesses including Cupfy, a healthy hand-cranked milk tea shop, a multi-functional studio, and the JM9 KOL online shopping platform.

In recent years, he has won the "Most Popular Travel KOL Award" from various media, including U Magazine, New Holidays, ELLEMEN, and Flyagainla. Active on the social platform Facebook page and Instagram, sharing life and travel moments, the total number of fans is about 100,000.

He has served as a training instructor for many corporate organizations, providing speech skills, personal image and online marketing KOL courses, including Chow Tai Fook, China Mobile, China Life, etc.

Quin Yuen

Growth Hacking Instructor

Quin devotes herself to local media industry since graduation and has more than 8 years of media and content marketing experience. She was once a fashion and beauty editor at Beauty Exchange, More, Ming’s and Oriental Daily and worked as a social media professional in a marketing consulting company. Her clients include Shiseido Group, Kose Group and the Jacobson group etc.

*教學團隊的實際安排會根據Tech on Fire的最終公布為準
[Case Study]

Kylie Jenner - The most successful global personal brand

Through a very successful digital personal brand marketing, a high purchasing power of 15 million followers on Instagram, and her well-established cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics, she has become one of the best Key Opinion Leaders and the youngest millionaires.

Targeted Digital Personal Brand Creation

Jenner's Instagram-targeted content curation contributed to her success, making her the go-to spokesperson for her company.

Increasing Engagement with the Most Updated Trend to Go Viral

The frequent update of Jenner's model shots with products has increased the stickiness of her followers. With the help of the latest technologies like AR filters for Instagram Stories, the interaction, reach, and the turnover rate is significantly improved.

Strong personal branding and personalized marketing techniques

After Kylie Jenner posted her lip gloss model shots on Instagram, her followers immediately purchased the product, creating the record for the quickest sold-out within an hour.

Profits with an increase in followers

Kylie Jenner currently has more than 330million Instagram followers and reached a broad base of targeted customers that accelerated the growth of her brand.



Course Name
Digital Personal Branding Marketing
Course Code
12 hours
Learning Mode
Face to Face
Class Size
Medium of Instruction
Cantonese with English Terms
This course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy
You can receive the following certificates by completing this course
  • Tech on Fire Certificate
  • Digital Transformation Certificate issued by a local university *
Completion Criteria
70% attendance rate of our course You can have the Digital Transformation Certificate by attending the Digital Transformation Workshop held by a local university quarterly.


Q:Can employees apply if they do not have relevant knowledge?

A:Yes, our teaching content can be easily mastered and understood, coupled with many real cases and demonstration to ensure that student can apply to their own digital marketing activities.

Q:What is the qualifications of the instructor?

A:Our tutors are well-equipped with academic qualifications and industry work experience. In addition to his rich teaching experience, he also works in large online platforms or advertising companies. They are willing to share precious experiences with students and guide them to use social media for marketing!

Q:Will tuition be subsidized?

A:Yes, this course has been included in the RTTP program, and students who enroll in the name of a company can receive funding up to 2/3 of the tuition fee. Please check with us for details.