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Over 70% of all desktop search traffic comes from Google

Why need this technology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a host of techniques and strategies to persuade search engines, such as Google, to recommend your content organically to their users as the best solution to their enquiries. To conduct SEO, you would need to know how search engines work, what people are looking for online, the common keywords used in search, which search engines are used by your target audience, how to edit website content and HTMLcodes and convince search engines that your website is the most credible option for their users.
SEO is important as the visitors brought to your website are free, you do not have to pay for display advertisement or ranking to attract search engine users, instead you gain popularity by merit and users are more apt to be swayed to browse your website.

Pain Points We Solved

Statistics show that the first five organic results from search engine accounts for more than 60% of all clicks. Yet, studies found that 91% of all pages never get any organic traffic from Google and 55% of webpages have no backlinks. These alarming results show that most website owners have not made their website visible using SEO even though such organic traffic is more beneficial than paid ads. High-quality content and link building are very important for Google to rank your website higher in search. However, it could be difficult to write content and build links if you have no prior experience. This course will introduce you to SEO and give you practical tips to get started right away.

Programme Highlights

61% online marketers report that SEO can improve organic presence and is the top priority in their marketing strategy. To achieve SEO, you have to be aware of popular keywords, use of content, image and video, the importance of quality and honesty, etc. Businesses will also need to consider On Page and Off Page SEO.

This 6-hour course will cover the essential topics on SEO, including understanding search engines and keyword search techniques, content writing, using SEO tools and grasping technical know-hows to improving your website. To facilitate understanding, the instructor will provide examples and practices for learners tp try. This course is suitable for entrepreneurs, marketers, prospective website developers and any interested in online marketing.

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Module 1: How can SEO help my business?

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

This module will cover the basics and theories of how SEO works and how it can allow potential clients find your business.

Module content:
Introduction to SEO
• What is SEO?
• Why is it useful for businesses?
• Paid ranking vs organic ranking
Off-page vs on-page SEO
• Top priorities for technical SEO: Crawlability, Indexability, site architecture, speed, mobile friendliness and UI/UX

Search engine 101
• How does search engine rank websites?
• Credibility Signals: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness
• Keyword research: techniques and tools for analysing keywords

Module 2: Practical strategies to SEO

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

In this module, learners will learn techniques on writing content, link-building, setting up website structure with SEO in mind and various technical know-hows of SEO.

Module content:
The importance of content
• Examples of good content
• Techniques for writing SEO content

Technicality of website management
• Understanding your site health
• Eye tracking map
• Optimizing website structure
• Improving UI/UX, speed and mobile friendliness
• Link-building strategies

Understanding your competition
• SEO tools for learning from other websites
• SEO best practice


Data-Driven and Automation for Growth Marketer

Search engine ranking

• Optimize websites to be ranked higher on search engines

Data-Driven and Automation for Growth Marketer

Know your competitors

• Use tools for learning from their competition

We are a pet supplies shop in the New Territories. We have always relied on business from pet owners living nearby. Although our shop has not experienced drastic impact during the pandemic, we were enticed to increase revenue with online marketing and were attracted to SEO. After attending this course, we can make our brand known to customers living outside of our area by having search engines suggest our website in search results. I have met pet owners who drove from Hong Kong Island to buy feeds from our shop because they agreed with the content of one of our blog posts. It has been a very fulfilling experience utilizing SEO to market our shop.

Frank Hui
Pet supplies shop owner

Our Instructors

Our instructors have been working in the IT industry for years with a wealth of teaching experience. They compile the program curriculum and customize the scope and content of the program to cater for different corporate needs, target to technologically upskill corporate staff and improve operation efficiency in a short time.  In addition to newest information technology sharing, instructors will also study real life cases with students.

Creamy Lam

Our Instructors

Case Study

Know your audience before SEO

A newly opened online crystal shop targeted at millennial consumers noted from online articles that this age group preferred visual search such as images that can be clicked for purchasing the items shown and augmented reality for trying on the product. They were quite surprised by this finding and were confused as to how they may approach this demand. Having explained their needs, the SEO course was tailored for this business with an emphasis on millennial consumers. The crystal shop owner and employees got informative and practical information on improving SEO with their target audience in mind. Naturally (and organically), monthly sales went up by 40% after the use of SEO.


Course NameSEO Training: Get Free Traffic to Your Website
Course CodeSEO-Workshop
Course Duration6 hours
Learning ModeFace to Face
Class Size20
Medium of InstructionCantonese with English Terms
FundingThis course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy
CertificatesYou can receive the following certificates by completing this course
Tech on Fire Certificate
Digital Transformation Certificate issued by a local university *
Completion Criteria 70% attendance rate of our course
You can have the Digital Transformation Certificate by attending the Digital Transformation Workshop held by a local university quarterly. *


I am not familiar with what SEO is. Can you give me an example of its application in a HK business setting?

SEO is used by local businesses to drive traffic to their website. For example, there was an online pet supplies shop that wanted to improve their online presence. They hired designated personnel to help write content with On Page and Off Page SEO and tracked the weekly performance with an SEO report. As a result, their website and social media platforms traffic was doubled and sales also went up by 30%.

Our company has no experience in SEO. Will this course be too advanced for us?

This seminar is definitely suitable for total novice or anyone who would like to polish their skills in using technology for business. This course will cover the basics by introducing SEO and its applications. We are confident that you can grasp the concepts and be able to make decisions on how to use SEO in your business after attending this course.