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Video Marketing and Digital Advertising Strategies

Boost conversion rate with engaging video ads

Up to 90% consumers said a video can affect their purchase decisions

Why need this technology

It is a current trend for brands to produce and publish video content on YouTube or other social media platforms for online marketing. When done right, video marketing is a powerful tool as it can better viewers’ understanding of a product or service, has a good ROI, can utilize SEO to improve website ranking and, most importantly, web users love watching videos.

Previously, YouTube mentioned in their blog that people around the world collectively watch one billion hours of YouTube content per day. Companies can use video content in a variety of ways to meet marketing goals. By applying the right technology and tools, it is possible to make high-quality and engaging videos quickly with a reasonable budget.

Pain Points We Solved

It may seem simple enough to press record on your smartphone and shoot a marketing video for your business website. However when seeing the hit rate and engagement statistics, businesses learn the hard way that video marketing and digital advertising are no easy tasks without proper technological guidance.

Should you use paid ads to drive traffic? What keywords can improve video SEO? What is compelling to viewers? How do you sound sincere and trustworthy in a 30-second video? What social media platform is suitable for your company? Will viewers remember your brand after watching the video? Are the digital advertising strategies effective?

This course, taught by an experienced professional, will provide answers to all of the above questions, and some more.

Programme Highlights

81% of businesses are now using video for marketing. Videos are versatile and it is essential for local SMEs to include it in their marketing plan. Yet, it is difficult for a novice to master and produce good videos that can result in high conversion rates.

learners will learn to use a digital management system specially designed for the beauty industry, including internal system applications and customer-oriented system applications, so as to effectively reduce the workload of daily operations and successfully achieve digital transformation.

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Module 1: Shooting a video for online marketing

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

Watching videos online is popular these days because this format is easy to digest and allows the brain some time to rest from the overabundance of textual information online. In creating a video for marketing, learners should strike a balance between being informative, relatable and competitive. This module will cover the basics on video making for marketing and learners will have an opportunity to plan and shoot their own video.

Module content:

• The role of videos in online marketing
• The video creation process: message, look & feel and quality
• What make a good video for marketing?
• Practice: Share a video that you think has successfully marketed its product/service
• Pre-production and planning
• Knowing and using equipment for filming, lighting and sound
• Presentation in front of a camera: facial expression, body language, attire and make-up
• Creating a storyboard
• Writing a script
• Practice: shooting a 1-minute video for online marketing

Module 2: Video editing and post-production

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

In an impersonal digital world, web users look for connection amongst the fun and interesting content. To make videos matching up with the demand, good post-production skills are important. In this module, learners will get to know about useful and user-friendly video editing tools and gain hands on experience through editing the video they filmed previously.

Module content:
• Introduction to video editing tools
• Colour grading and image quality analysis
• Adding background music and subtitles
• Adding visual effects
• Exporting files
• Practice: Editing the 1-minute video shot

Module 3: Video Marketing on Social Media

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

Video is a versatile and engaging format that is relatable and easy to share across platforms. It is used by most online marketers in digital advertising as it gives a potentially high ROI through many channels and can be mastered eventually, with proper guidance, by anyone with a smartphone. In this module, learners will be introduced to different social media platforms, their advertising plans and tools and how marketers can make use of them.

Module content:
• Know your social media platforms
• Why advertise on social media platform?
• Paid ads on major social media platform
• Ad Budgeting
• Find your target audience
• Build your audience list
• Remarketing audience
• Ad performance: tracking, conversion rate, ROI & data analysis

Module 4: Video Marketing on YouTube

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

YouTube is the home of online video, both for marketing and for general entertainment. It is the second largest search engine and 80% web users watch videos on YouTube. This module will cover the basics and useful tips on YouTube video promotion and advertising.

Module content:
• Promoting your channel for business
• Paid ads on YouTube
• YouTube ranking algorithm
• Youtube SEO & Keywords analysis
• Understanding YouTube analytics
• Video Marketing tips
• Practice: Creating your YouTube channel and uploading your first video


Short Video Production

Create and produce video content with good conversion rate

Understanding and Using Data Analytics

Learners can develop online beauty marketing plans aReview marketing strategies with sufficient data support and suggest remarketing direction beneficial to the business

Taking Video Marketing in Your Own Hands

““Basically, YouTube is essential for businesses, in particular the retail sector. To get started, you must first know how to film high-quality videos and understand various tools and tactics to promote your videos. Our company has tried engaging a video production agency but the ROI was mediocre. We were keen on exploring in-house video marketing but were unsure how to begin. On searching for suitable training courses online, we came across this course and thought it fits our needs perfectly.

This course not only taught me how to target customers, it also taught me the skills and configuration of making short videos, and introduced me to a digital management system which was specially designed for the beauty industry. It is now very convenient to manage the daily operation of my salon. We stay in touch and send discount offers to customers through Our staff attended the course and gained valuable knowledge and experience on video production, post-production skills, online marketing tactics and ad performance data analysis. With talents available in our marketing team, we can now make and share our own promotional videos at a budget price. It has been very encouraging to see a 50% conversion rate on our most popular videos.”

Cookie Tai
Marketing manager of a local fruit wholesaler

Our Instructors

Our experienced and professional instructors have been working in the video production industry for years with a wealth of teaching experience. They compiled the program curriculum and customized the scope and content of the program to cater for different corporate needs, target to technologically upskill corporate staff and improve operation efficiency in a short time. In addition to sharing on latest technology trends, instructors will also discuss real-life cases with learners.

Creamy Lam

Our Instructors

Case Study

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone and into the Digital Marketing World

There are a lot of statistics online persuading businesses that video marketing is current and necessary.  97% of marketers claim that videos help viewers learn about their products; videos on landing page boost conversion rate by up to 80%; for every 5 businesses interviewed, 4 uses video marketing.  While it seems like a well-supported move to get on board with this trend, it is a task that requires effort; in particular, it is a challenge for traditional businesses to step outside their comfort zone and embrace digital transformation.

By taking this course, a traditional Chinese medicine group and its staff learnt about the power of video marketing and how they can engage potential customers online.  They learnt to give useful health tips to viewers through interviews with their medical professionals and respond to enquiries online via live videos.  As a result, they have attracted customers of a younger demographic to use their service and business has been on a steady rise.


Course NameVideo Marketing and Digital Advertising Strategies
Course CodeVPA
Course Duration12 hours
Learning ModeFace to Face
Class Size10
Medium of InstructionCantonese with English Terms
FundingThis course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy
CertificatesYou can receive the following certificates by completing this course
Tech on Fire Certificate
Digital Transformation Certificate issued by a local university *
Completion Criteria 70% attendance rate of our course
You can have the Digital Transformation Certificate by attending the Digital Transformation Workshop held by a local university quarterly. *


Is this course suitable for my company if our employees have no prior knowledge on the topics and technology covered?

Yes, of course. The content of this course starts from basics and goes deeper and more practical as time progress. Learners with little knowledge can grasp the essence and be able to execute video production and digital marketing tasks on their own after attending all modules and completing all the practices.

In what format is the course taught?

The course will be taught face-to-face in an engaging lecture plus workshop format. Learners will have sufficient in-class practices on the computer and receive instant feedback from instructors on their work done.

Does learner need to have good computer and internet skills?

Basic knowledge of computer operations is sufficient. Prior knowledge in video filming and editing is certainly useful but not a must.