Skill: Social Media Marketing

Digital Personal Branding Marketing


Digital Transformation for Catering Industry

Digital Transformation for Catering Industry

The epidemic has changed consumers’ dining patterns, and many restaurants have joined different delivery platforms to adjust their business strategies under the epidemic. Although the food delivery platform can serve as an additional digital sales channel to expand the customer base for restaurants, it still fails to meet the customers’ demand for restaurant services.

Search Engine Marketing & Analytical Skills

SMEs often face the dilemma of limited advertising budget and lack of online marketing talents. But as long as you have the skills to properly allocate your advertising budget and create advertisements that can draw the attention of potential customers, any SME or start-up can reach their target customers through SEM.

Social Media Marketing Course in HONG KONG

Digital Transformation for the Beauty Industry

With the advancement and popularization of technology, the public is used to solving daily trivial matters on their smartphones, such as online shopping or socializing. Thus, companies have incorporated social media marketing as their main marketing strategy.

Video Marketing and Digital Advertising Strategies

It may seem simple enough to press record on your smartphone and shoot a marketing video for your business website. However when seeing the hit rate and engagement statistics, businesses learn the hard way that video marketing and digital advertising are no easy tasks without proper technological guidance.

Digital Transformation of Beauty and Salon industry