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Vincent Luk

Video Production Instructor

Vincent has been active in the entertainment business with lots of media presence since he was in school. He has hosted entertainment shows on ATV and has continued to host shows for big companies and brands. In 2012, he participated in the film “Naked Human Nature – Sin World” which was shortlisted for the Puerto Rico Film Festival and the Hollywood Short Film Festival. In 2014, his work “Pop Up Home” won the Audience Choice Award at the VideoMaker Film Festival in Italy. In 2015, he represented the film “Final Project” to receive an award at the American Film Festival; the film also won the Audience Choice Award and the Best Foreign Language Film at the Italian Gulf Of Naples Film Festival and the Horror Hotel Film Festival respectively. “Final Project” was also shortlisted for the 35th Hong Kong Film Award. In 2019, with the role of Hei Zai (黑仔) in the movie “Invisible Happiness” (看不見的幸福), he was nominated for the Best Actor Award at the 4th Asian Rainbow TV Awards and won the Outstanding Actor Award.

Since 2020, Vincent has become a live broadcast celebrity on HKTVmall. In 2021, he released the song “Tear Down and Start Over”(推倒重來) which he composed, wrote and performed. His latest work is the film “Call Me Agent” co-produced by Malaysia and Hong Kong.