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Targeted Advertisement Placement Best Practices: Right Place Right Time

Up your ad impression and engagement

88% of all online marketing in the United States is estimated to be done through programmatic advertising

Why need this course?

No matter whether your company is a newly established tech start-up or an SME with long history in trade, you would have considered or even have first-hand experience in online marketing. One of the most popular ways is to place online advertisements. According to studies, the average click-through rate on display ads is 0.05%, while that for paid search ads are at around 3%, both of which are low. If your company has posted ads by direct media buying, the effectiveness and conversion rate may not be satisfactory. Using programmatic display advertising that targets the right audience and making impressions that add value to your ad campaign are important tactics in optimizing the effectiveness of the budget spent on online ads.

Pain Points We Solved

Programmatic advertising is an automatic and digital way to optimize ad campaigns where artificial intelligence is used to replace subjective judgment by humans. Pricing are not fixed and are adjusted based on real-time situation. Businesses can buy ad placement via demand-side platform without the hassle and overhead of an advertising agency. However, this approach would mean that businesses would need to handle a lot of planning and preparation work on their own. This can be a very overwhelming and confusing task without some understanding of the targeted advertisement placement best practices. This course can fill this gap between knowledge and implementation adequately.

Programme Highlights

This course will cover the essential topics on targeted advertisement placement, including the use of programmatic display advertisement, AdTech platforms, and metrics to This course will cover the essential topics on targeted advertisement placement, including the use of programmatic display advertisement, AdTech platforms, and metrics to consider for improving advertisement ROI. To facilitate understanding, the course will end with a workshop on designing an ad banner and copywriting for target customers.

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Module 1: Challenges with online advertising and how to fix them

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

Online advertising may be as simple as paying directly for a display ad on a website. However, will this ad draw the target audience who will actually be interested in your product and service? This module will cover the challenges and solutions in online advertising and the role AdTech can play to improve ROI on your advertising budget.

Module content:
What is ad placement?
• Some useful statistics
• Marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, conversion
• Banner blindness and how to overcome it
• Identifying your target audience
• Common platforms for ad placement

Role of AdTech
• AdTech and its ecosystem
• AdTech development and update
• Programmatic direct and Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
• Google Display Network
• AdTech trends

Module 2: Up your game in online advertising

Learning hours: 1 lesson, 3 hours in total

Having a new understanding on the online advertising scene, now you can get involved with some hands-on practice. For this module, you will learn about the metrics to consider when preparing an ad campaign and try out ad designing and copywriting techniques.

Module content:
Metrics to consider for ad placement
• Budget allocation
• Page view & page scroll
• Bounce rate & click• through rate
• View• through conversions

Workshop on online advertising
• Designing an ad banner
• Copywriting for target customers
• Analyze and discuss your current ads placement report with instructor to get insight for your next campaign

Learning Outcome


Learn about targeted ad placement

Understand the importance of advertisement placement


Review past ad campaigns

Realize the problems of past ad campaigns and make improvements for future campaigns

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear about bookstores closing down in Hong Kong. From big brands such as Swindon and Popular to independent stores such as Bleak House Books, it is becoming more and more difficult for bookstores to survive when going digital is the new norm. Nonetheless, given the unique texture and smell of books, there is still a market of book lovers with a preference for real books over eBooks. After closing down our physical store, in order to continue our small family-owned bookstore business online, we took this course and learnt about managing placement of advertisement on Internet. We chose popular book review blogs for ad placement and monitored the performance daily. Since implementation, our book sales have doubled and our clientele now includes both locals and overseas customers. When closing our store felt like a defeat, it has now become an opportunity for us to expand our business online!

Ms Eva Kwan
Owner of a local bookstore

Our Instructors

Our instructors have been working in the IT industry for years with a wealth of teaching experience. They compile the program curriculum and customize the scope and content of the program to cater for different corporate needs, target to technologically upskill corporate staff and improve operation efficiency in a short time.  In addition to newest information technology sharing, instructors will also study real life cases with students.

Creamy Lam


Case Study

When a local jeweler first decided to move their business online, they thought writing posts and putting photos of rings and bracelets on sale on their website would be sufficient.  However, business was flat and they were about to give up.  Fortunately, a friend with experience in online marketing educated them on the importance of ad placement and advised that they get some professional training on the topic.  The jeweler booked this course and learned about ad placement and adTech and became familiar with various monitoring tools and popular social media platforms for ad placement.  Their recent ad campaign featured a quick but moving story that grasped attention within a few seconds with a solid call-to-action.  The jeweler is optimistic about using online marketing after seeing the website traffic generated by the ad campaign.

Information at a glance

Course NameTargeted Advertisement Placement Best Practices: Right Place Right Time
Course CodeTAP
Course Duration6 hours
Learning ModeFace to Face / Online
Class Size10
Medium of InstructionCantonese with English Terms
FundingThis course has been approved by RTTP scheme for up to 2/3 subsidy
CertificatesYou can receive the following certificates by completing this course
Tech on Fire Certificate
Digital Transformation Certificate issued by a local university *
Completion Criteria 70% attendance rate of our course
You can have the Digital Transformation Certificate by attending the Digital Transformation Workshop held by a local university quarterly. *

Frequently Asked Questions

 I am not familiar with what targeted ad placement is. Can you give me a taste of what I may learn about in this course?

Ad placement is in use globally in all sorts of way! Some platforms allow consumers the freedom to choose which type of ads they would like to see, other changes ads based on what friends liked on social media sites. According to Google Display Network statistics, medium rectangles have the highest ad impression share and can help boost traffic to your website. These are some of the items we will discuss in this course.

Our company has no experience in using targeted ad placement. Will this course be too advanced for us?

This course is definitely suitable for total novice or anyone who would like to polish their skills in using online marketing for business. This course will cover the basics by introducing programmatic advertising and its applications. We are confident that you can grasp the concepts and be able to make decisions on how to use targeted ad placement in your business after attending this course.