Corporate Training Program

Supercharge your team

“Our marketing team has evolved to think and work with data”

Amway Hong Kong

Why Tailor-made
Corporate Training Program?

Custom program which perfect fit you

  • Pre-program meeting to understand your business objectives
  • Customize your own program curriculum based on your situation
  • Appoint trainers according to your needs
  • Pick your own venue at your greatest convenience
  • Decide your own program schedule
  • Offer real time online training by request
  • Corporate can always participate in program customization

Benefit to Corporates

  • Reliable training partners
  • No outsiders from public course
  • Good team building activity
  • Extra staff benefit
  • Build your own digital specialist team
  • Enhance inhouse technology

Our easy consultation flow
5 steps

Step One

Understand your business model

What are your business and product about?
What is your business goal?
What business problems you want to solve?

Step One
Step Two

Questionnaire to understand your staff capability

Get to know your staff daily working problems.
Form solution to tackle the problems.

Step Two
Step Three

Get consent on the customized program

Step Three
Step Four

Implement the agreed custom program

Step-by-step hands-on guidance for execution.
Execute the tactics and review the measurable results.
Advise on improvements and optimize the program concurrently.

Step Four
Step Five

Assess performance and validate results

Continuous evaluation and optimization until the program is consummate.
Enjoy the growth and improvement on your business with you.

Step Five