UI UX course 

(For Advanced users)

UI UX course  ( For Advanced users)

上課時間:10:00 – 17:00

*本課程獲RTTP再工業化4.0計劃資助,企業須於開課前至於2 星期向VTC提交申請。

Course overview

Students are expected to have a basic understanding and fundamentals of the UX design work flow and UI design concept for digital platform (website, mobile app, tab, wechat mini program…etc.)


In this course we will focus in enhancing student’s research methods, work methodologies, product branding and presentation skills so, students would be able to execute business goals or resolve business issues with UX skills

Each Module/ module details

  1. UX research

Identifying the best UX research methodologies (Qualitative / Quantitative) for different business scenarios.


  1. Work flow methodologies

Learning to reduce unnecessary working steps by applying the appropriate working methodologies (Agile scrum / Waterfall) for different business goals.


  1. Product Awareness

Learning to create awareness for the product for its users through various methods,

  • Social media
  • SEM
  • Increasing creditability
  • Building brand loyalty


  1. Prototyping Software

Using different trended design tools, (UI elements + plugin), learn to use software (Figma / Sketch) to design products from wireframe to finish product.


  1. Product Branding

Building brand identity into the product, by connecting the product with suitable colors, diagram and pictures for potential users and business objectives.



  1. Presentation

Applying storytelling and presentation skills to your UX portfolio.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course, students would be able to construct digital product, that is able to reach business goals and resolve business obstacles.

  • Improving problem identification and solving skills
  • Using product branding and digital marketing techniques to market the product.
  • Learning to create product loyalty with new and existing users.