UI UX course

(For Beginners)

Course overview

In this course student will learn to explore some of the critical UI UX concepts that are essential to construct an eye catching and easy to use digital platform. They will begin to familiarize themselves with design research to identify user and solutions they need, also learning to visualize concepts by using professional design software example: “Figma”. (Students are also welcome to use other software like sketch or Adobe XD as a substitute if they are more comfortable with these tools)

Each Module/ module details

  1. UX introduction

Understanding the concept of UX (User Experience) in modern business and digital development.


  1. UX research

Learning the core principle of user-centered research and identifying problem through qualitative and quantitative research.


  1. Design thinking

Learning the 5 stages of design process and working methodology

  • Empathies, Define, ideate, prototype and testing
  • Waterfall and agile scrum (Concepts)


  1. Problem identification (User Personas)

Learning to encapsulated the core information from user researches and create a user persona based on the results.


  1. Problem identification (User scenario)

Identify the potential user scenario on where and when the product would be used.


  1. Concept to low fidelity design

Understanding how to channelize the results and to a clickable low fidelity prototype (wireframe) with Figma.


  1. High Fidelity design to post launch

After the product has been tested for its effectiveness, we will be enhancing the user interface design with Figma, so the product could be eye catching for first time users and also making sure it is ready for development.


  1. UX portfolio

The final stage is encapsulating the complete design into a design portfolio with only the key components, so the design concept could be more easily understood by others. 


Learning Outcome

By the end of the course, we hope the student could obtain the ability to complete projects that could be transferred into a UX portfolio from scratch.

  • New Skills for your career
  • Enhancing problem solving skills
  • Entry level UX skills for jobs related with Digital development.